Compare with Census / DHS / Other Sources

On this page, you will find links to other data sources including national censuses, DHSs and MICS so that the HDSS indicators for specific countries can be compared with national data for those countries generated by statistics offices and our collaborating national institutions and international partners.


African Countries
Burkina Faso  DHS  Census  MICS
Cote d'Ivoire  DHS  Census  MICS
Ethiopia  DHS  Census  MICS
Gambia  DHS  Census  MICS
Ghana  DHS  Census  MICS
Guinea-Bissau  DHS  Census  MICS
Kenya  DHS  Census  MICS
Malawi  DHS  Census  MICS
Mozambique  DHS  Census  MICS
Nigeria  DHS  Census  MICS
Senegal  DHS  Census  MICS
South Africa  DHS  Census  MICS
Tanzania  DHS  Census  MICS
Uganda  DHS  Census  MICS
Asian /Oceanian Countries 
Bangladesh  DHS  Census  MICS
India  DHS  Census  MICS
Indonesia  DHS  Census  MICS
Papua New Guinea  DHS  Census  MICS
Thailand  DHS  Census  MICS
Vietnam  DHS  Census  MICS






















See also IPUMS International for integrated census samples.