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Wellcome Trust: "We are proud to be a long-term supporter of INDEPTH, a unique network of demographic surveillance sites that collect, maintain, validate and analyse vital population data that are taken for granted in developed health systems. Making these valuable datasets widely accessible and providing the tools to make sense of them are significant achievements, and we believe such an approach to data sharing has tremendous potential for informing global public health policies." Dr Jimmy Whitworth, Head of International Activities; London, UK.

Sida: "Sida congratulates INDEPTH Network on this remarkable and historic achievement. Making INDEPTH and its HDSS partners data publically accessible will strengthen governments efforts to provide evidence-based and equitable health care to its populations. We are proud to support INDEPTH and their efforts to contribute in bridging the gap between research, policy and practice." Anders Granlund, Head of Research Swedish International Development Agency, Stockholm, Sweden.

The William and Flora Hewlett Fondation: "The new data sharing platform is a tremendous achievement for the INDEPTH network.  It will permit researchers to realize the full potential of INDEPTH’s unique data resources, answering questions about health and demographic trends that are fundamental for better social and economic policies and programs.  By voluntarily making data available to their peers, researchers are making their field stronger and contributing to the best science.” Ruth Levine, Director, Global Development and Population Program, CA, USA.

Rockefeller Foundation: "Since its inception over a decade ago the INDEPTH Network has continually proved to be an important provider of technical resources, key household level data and information from the Global south and across the globe.  The Rockefeller Foundation, as one  of the founding supporters of the network and as a research consumer, applauds INDEPTH on this milestone and its role in ensuring the continued development of capacity and quality information from across its HDSS partners." Mwihaki K. Muraguri, Associate Director; Nairobi, Kenya.

WHO: “INDEPTH data and statistics are critical to fill information gaps on health and populations in many countries. This is an important step towards improving evidence-based reviews and decision-making in the context of national health sector strategic plans.” Ties Boerma, Director, Health Statistics & Information Systems; Geneva, Switzerland.

ESSENCE: "The ESSENCE on Health Research initiative is very pleased to learn about the launch of the new data sharing platform of the INDEPTH Network.  This step is a wonderful achievement for INDEPTH.  As an initiative that brings together major international funders of health research, ESSENCE contributed to the debate on pros and cons of data sharing by facilitating a panel during the INDEPTH's Scientific Conference in Mozambique in 2011.  It is therefore gratifying to see that this data repository has become reality to allow for full use of research knowledge."  Professor Hannah Akuffo, Chair, ESSENCE on Health Research initiative and Dr Garry Aslanyan, ESSENCE on Health Research initiative Secretariat at the TDR/WHO.