Throughout most of low- and middle-income countries, billions of people are born and die without any registration. Their lives go unrecorded and are unable to influence health and social policies and programming. But this is not true of over 3 million people who live in the 48 populations covered by the health and demographic surveillance systems (HDSSs) that are members of the INDEPTH Network, run by 41 research centres in 20 countries in Africa, Asia and Oceania. Making their lives count for health and social policy has been the aim of the INDEPTH Network since its start in 1998. Now, summary statistics from these HDSSs will be much more widely available through INDEPTHStats, a website developed by the INDEPTH Network for visualising key demographic indicators.

INDEPTHStats displays yearly health and demographic indicators generated from the INDEPTH member centres in Africa, Asia and Oceania. INDEPTHStats is freely available to everyone. It aims at providing researchers, government officials and policymakers, among others, health and demographic information that can guide their decision-making. These include crude birth and death rates, age-specific fertility and death rates, infant, child, and under five mortality rates, as well as numerous other health and demographic indicators. Additional indicators, such as death rates by cause of death, will be added in the near future. The indices can be displayed either by single centre over time, or across multiple centres.