INDEPTHStats Desktop Version

INDEPTHStats also provides a feature that enables users to download the desktop version and use it offline (without internet) on their your own machines.


Note: You require adobe flash player to use INDEPTHStats desktop version.

          To donwload adobe flash player and instructions to install click here

Instructions to use INDEPTHStats desktop version:

  • Save INDEPTHStats Desktop file on your machine anywhere (example "D:\")
  • Go to your selected path (Example "D:\")
  • Right click on INDEPTHStats Desktop file
  • Click on extract here
  • Double click on the Folder "INDEPTHStats Desktop Version"
  • Double click on INDEPTHStats.exe to open the INDEPTHStats desktop application

 Click here to know how to use INDEPTHStats Application