HDSS Cause Of Death

Cause of death is determined by administering verbal autopsies (VAs) and analysing them using InterVA-4. The data on cause of death from HDSSs are available in the following broad categories:

VAs-01 – Infectious and parasitic diseases
VAs-02 – Neoplasms
VAs-03 – Nutritional and endocrine disorders
VAs-04 – Diseases of the circulatory system
VAs-05 – Respiratory diseases
VAs-06 – Gastrointestinal disorders
VAs-07 – Renal disorders
VAs-08 – Mental and nervous system disorders
VAs-09 – Pregnancy, childbirth and puerperium-related disorders
VAs-10 – Neonatal causes of death
VAs-11 – Stillbirths
VAs-12 – External causes of death
VAs-98 – Other and unspecified non-communicable disease
VAs-99 – Cause of death unspecified or unknown