Available Data on the INDEPTH Data Repository

The INDEPTH Data Repository is a long term project of the Network and the datasets available in the repository will continue to expand in concert with the Network’s effort to build its research data management capacity. At the launch of the Repository on 1st July 2013, the repository will contain the detailed datasets underlying the indicators on INDEPTHStats for eight Network Centres. It will also contain data from an INDEPTH collaboration on the study of the epidemiology of epilepsy in demographic sites (SEEDS).

The detailed datasets will contain data in event history format for approximately 800,000 individuals representing more than 3.7 million person-years of observation. The dataset format corresponds to the standard micro-dataset format recently published by INDEPTH[1] and contains a data record for each observed individual demographic event. The following events are recorded:




The birth of an individual to a resident female


Starting event for all individuals present at the baseline census of the surveillance area. It is the date on which the individual was first observed to be present in the surveillance area during the baseline census.


The event of migrating into the surveillance area.


The event of migrating out of the surveillance area.

Location exit

The event of leaving a residential location within the surveillance area to take up residence in another residential location within the surveillance area.

Location entry

The event of taking up residence in a residential location within the surveillance area following a location exit event. Note that location exit and entry are actually two parts of the same action of changing residential location and as such happen on the same event date.


The death of the individual under surveillance. The date of death is the event date.


The event of a pregnancy end after 28 weeks of gestation, which may or may not result in the birth of one or more individuals (represented in this dataset by a BTH event linked to this delivery event)

Observation end

An event inserted when a data set is right censored at an arbitrary date and this individual remained under surveillance beyond this date. The right censor date is the date of this event.

Last observation

An event indicating the last point in time on which this individual was observed to be present and under surveillance. Event date equals observation date in this instance. Normally there should be no individuals with this event as their last event if the right censoring date is prior to the start of the last complete census round.

Table 1: Events

Each record in the dataset contains the following attributes:



Record number

A sequential number uniquely identifying each record in the data file

Centre identifier

An identifier issued by INDEPTH to each member centre

Individual identifier

A number uniquely identifying all the records belonging to a specific individual in the data file. For data anonymization purposes, this number

is not the same as the identifier used by a contributing centre to identify the individual, but the contributing centre should retain a mapping from this identifier to their identifier

Country identifier

ISO 3166-1 numeric code of the country in which the surveillance site is


Location identifier

Unique identifier associated with a residential unit within the site and is the location where the individual was or became resident when the event occurred. For data anonymization purposes, this identifier is not the same as the identifier used internally by the contributing centre, but the contributing centre should retain a mapping of this identifier to their internal location identifier

Date of birth

The date of birth of the individual


A code identifying the type of event that has occurred (Table 1)

Event date

The date on which the event occurred

Observation date

Date on which the event was observed (recorded), also known as surveillance visit date

Event count

The total number of events associated with this individual in this data set

Event number

A number increasing from 1 to event count for each event record in order of

event occurrence

Table 2: Record layout

Far more detailed documentation of the available datasets can be found on the INDEPTH Data Repository itself.

[1] Sankoh O, Byass P. The INDEPTH Network: filling vital gaps in global epidemiology. Int J Epidemiol. 2012;41(3):579-88.