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INDEPTH adds new health and demographic data to its publicly available online data archives
  • INDEPTH strengthens data management systems in health research and improves access to information for better science and health policy
  • The INDEPTH Data Repository now includes data from 20 HDSSs (further 4 to be released later) covering 11 countries
  • INDEPTHStats now includes data from 30  HDSSs (one more to be released later) covering 15 countries
Accra, Ghana, 1st July 2015 – The International Network for the Demographic Evaluation of Population and Their Health (INDEPTH) in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) today announces IMPORTANT UPDATES on the INDEPTH Data Repository ( and on its associated data visualisation website, INDEPTHStats ( ), two unique online data archives that continue to build and strengthen capacity for research data management, health and scientific research in LMICs as well as improving access to fully documented high quality longitudinal datasets by the scientific community and health policymakers worldwide.

The INDEPTH Data Repository is an online archive of fully documented high-quality longitudinal datasets from INDEPTH member Health and Demographic Surveillance System (HDSS) centres. It is the first repository that specializes in longitudinal population-based data from LMICs.

The repository was established on 1st July, 2013 with Six (6) datasets from the following HDSSs:

HDSS Country
1 Vadu HDSS India
2 Chililab HDSS Vietnam
3 ACDIS HDSS South Africa
4 Agincourt HDSS South Africa
5 Magu HDSS Tanzania
6 Nairobi HDSS Kenya

On 1st July 2014 the repository was updated with an additional Seven (7), bringing the composition of the repository to the following thirteen (13) HDSSs:

  HDSS Country
1 Vadu HDSS India
2 Chililab HDSS Vietnam
3 ACDIS HDSS South Africa
4 Agincourt HDSS South Africa
5 Magu HDSS Tanzania
6 Nairobi HDSS Kenya
7 Ouagadougou HDSS Burkina Faso
8 Taabo HDSS Côte D'Ivoire
9 Kilite Awlaelo HDSS Ethiopia
10 Dabat HDSS Ethiopia
11 Gilgel Gibe HDSS Ethiopia
12 Karonga HDSS Malawi
13 Mbita HDSS Kenya

From today 1st July 2015, ‎the INDEPTH Data Repository will contain Twenty (20) datasets from all of the above 13 HDSSs and the additional Seven (7) listed below:

HDSS Country
1 Dikgale HDSS South Africa
2 Kersa HDSS Ethiopia
3 Iganga/Mayuge HDSS Uganda
4 Rufiji HDSS Tanzania
5 Mlomp HDSS Senegal
6 Niakhar HDSS Senegal
7 Filabavi HDSS Vietnam

The following four datasets will be added later making a total of 24 HDSSs on the repository covering Eleven (11) countries.

HDSS Country
1 Kilifi HDSS Kenya
2 Kisumu HDSS Kenya
3 Ifakara Rural HDSS Tanzania
4 Ifakara Urban HDSS Tanzania

In 2014, the unique datasets on Cause Specific Mortality covering 22 HDSSs was released and added to the repository.

The INDEPTH Data Repository is also now recognised by PLOS-ONE, a reputable international academic journal, as an approved repository to lodge publication datasets. The first such dataset, “South Africa - Participation in Africa Centre's HIV surveillance between 2003 and 2012” was added in February 2015.

INDEPTHStats is the corresponding data visualisation website that contains summary statistics, images and graphs of key health and demographic indicators generated from the respective INDEPTH member HDSS centres.

INDEPTHStats provides researchers, government officials and policymakers with information that can guide their decision-making, including crude birth and death rates, age specific fertility and death rates, infant, child, and under five mortality rates, as well as numerous other health and demographic indicators.

Launched on 1st July, 2013, INDEPTHStats had initial data from Eighteen (18) HDSSs and was updated to 27 HDSSs on 1st July 2014. These included:

  HDSS Country
1 Chakaria HDSS Bangladesh
2  Matlab HDSS Bangladesh
3 Ouagadougou HDSS Burkina Faso
4 Taabo HDSS Cote d'Ivoire
5 Dabat HDSS Ethiopia
6 Gilgel Gibe HDSS Ethiopia
7 Kilite Awlaelo HDSS Ethiopia
8  Farafenni HDSS Gambia
9 Dodowa HDSS Ghana
10 Kintampo HDSS Ghana
11  Navrongo HDSS Ghana
12 Vadu HDSS India
13 Kilifi HDSS Kenya
14 Kisumu HDSS Kenya
15 Mbita HDSS Kenya
16 Nairobi HDSS Kenya
17  Karonga HDSS Malawi
18 Manhica HDSS Mozambique
19  Mlomp HDSS Senegal
20 Niakhar HDSS Senegal
21 Africa Centre HDSS South Africa
22 Agincourt HDSS South Africa
23 Ifakara Rural HDSS Tanzania
24 Magu HDSS Tanzania
25 Rufiji HDSS Tanzania
26 Chililab HDSS Vietnam
27 Filabavi HDSS Vietnam

The 1st July 2015 public release updates ‎INDEPTHStats with new data for 2012 from 24 of the above 27 HDSSs and additional Four (4) datasets from:

HDSS Country
1 Dikgale HDSS South Africa
2 Kersa HDSS Ethiopia
3 Iganga/Mayuge HDSS Uganda
4 Ifakara Urban HDSS Tanzania

The last will be released later bringing the total of 31 HDSSs covering 15 countries.

INDEPTHStats app

BrainstormsIn addition to these data, INDEPTH launched the beta version of INDEPTHStats app on 1st July 2014. The INDEPTHStats App is a data visualisation app which allows users to explore on tablets or mobile phones, basic demographic indicators generated by INDEPTH member HDSSs centres (currently 45 member centres from 20 countries in Africa, Asia and Oceania). The indicators are visualized by interactive, animated charts and tables.

The INDEPTHStats App has been further developed and made available as a free App on Google store Android phones and tablets as well as made available for iphone and ipad users. This means that the visualisation website can be viewed on tablets and smart phones as well.Brainstorms

Dr Kobus Herbst, the Principal Investigator for the INDEPTH Data Systems said, “The INDEPTH Data Repository isgrowing from a modest start to greater recognition, with close to 800 datasets downloads over its relatively short history.”

BrainstormsProf. Osman Sankoh, the Executive Director, said that with the continued confidence in the Secretariat’s support to the Network’s member centres, the number of datasets in both the INDEPTH Data Repository and on INDEPTHStats will continue to grow. “I thank our support teams and the leaders and data managers of the centres who have demonstrated commitment that is making this possible.”

INDEPTH thanks its core support funders, Hewlett Foundation, Sida/Research Cooperation Unit and Wellcome Trust for the continued support.

For more information, please visit:

The INDEPTH Network is one of the few international population health agencies based in the global South. From its Secretariat in Accra, Ghana, it serves as an umbrella organisation for 52 Health and Demographic Surveillance System (HDSS) sites in 20 low- and middle-income countries, each following individuals in defined populations on a continuous basis. 
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